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Oklahoma Data Query System

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How to View Indicator Data

To view indicator data there are several options for querying the database to find indicators of interest.

Selecting the View Data tab provides a dropdown menu containing all of the indicators available within the system in alphabetical order.

To see a list of all indicators as well as information about several attributes (e.g., substance type, indicator type, data source, etc.) associated with the indicators, select the Indicator Browse tab.

To search for an indicator or a set of indicators that are associated with a specific substance type or indicator type, select the Indicator Search tab.

After specifying an indicator, the system will allow you to view charts and maps, based on the data levels available for that indicator.

The Oklahoma Data Query System focuses primarily on presenting rate data, which facilitate comparisons between geographies and are most appropriate for the types of presentations and charts available through the online system. For users who are also interested in examining data regarding the actual number of events associated with the consequence indicators housed in the online data system, these data are available for download on the Resources tab.